Emax Nighthawk 250 II Carbon Fibre Quad Frame - BLACK FRIDAY OFFER

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Similar to the design used in the Nighthawk ARF Racing Quad - this upgraded all carbon fibre construction frame is a solid choice for your next racing quad. With the arms mounted in the 280mm MTM wheelbase position, the frame allows for 6" props while weighing in at just 129g.


V2 Updates:

- New arms with two mounting positions allowing for 250 or 280 wheelbase
- Plastic angled motor mounts for 2204 motors are now compatible with this frame
- LED tail light mounting points have been added
- Arms have been thickened from 3mm to 4mm
- With Emax MT1806 and MT2204 motors fitted, wires now route straight along the arms
- Front and rear arms are no longer interchangable



- All carbon fibre frame plates
- Wheelbase: 250-280mm (dual mounting options)
- Weight: 129g
- Motor mounts: Accommodate both M2 and M3 screws/bolts for 18XX or 22XX motors
- 32 - 45mm standard flight controller mounting
- Anodized aluminum spacers and posts
- 17pcs M2x8mm screws for 18XX motors