Brother Hobby - Returner R4 2206 (2300Kv)

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Returner R4 by BrotherHobby 2206 2300kv Brushless Motor UK Stock are a totally new and innovative design offering superior power and weight saving over there rivals. Set to be the motor of choice for many top Drone Racing Pilots .

BrotherHobby have previously produced the popular ZMX Fusion V3 and now made the Returner with loads of improvements and weight saving. 

Brother Hobby R4 2206 brushless motor

Configuration: 12N14P
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-5S
Rotor: N52H arc magnets 
Wire AWG: 20AWG
Shaft: Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
Stator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel
Bearings:  Japan EZO 4 x 9 x 4mm ( 684ZZ )
Base casing: Al 7075 
Bell cap: Al 7075 ( Double Anodizing colors )