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Luxury Hotel & Spa Promo Videos

Here at UK Drone store, we believe every luxurious and exclusive venue has a story to tell and it is our duty to tell that story on screen, as statistics prove that a video on a landing page increases the chances of conversion by 86%.  

We offer a very bespoke package in order to provide the best possible service for yourselves.

Our pricing starts at £1,500.00 ex vat. and includes the following;  

In order to ensure we can provide the best reflection and tell the best story of (enter location here) we like to break the process down into the 3 stages below; 


Every film requires attention to detail, right from the start of the process. We begin with planing and brain storming of ideas,  we then create a storyboard per each request, once you the client are happy with the story we move on to the production stage of your film. 


Your branding and message is important therefore the film we make will demonstrate that. Its our job to convey your message through the lens thats why we have the best creatives and  tools at our disposal .

We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure that our clients can have the best available product.  All of our productions are filmed at a minimum of 4k. That means our films are 4x the quality of standard HD video. This level of  production, combined with our creative know how, ensures viewers a cinematic level of experience for your story.  

Post Production

Once we have all the film footage, this is where the film comes to life. Our experienced editors will edit the all the video and sound content tailored to your film’s needs.

We firmly believe in having the latest technology to ensure we have more time to focus on the creative aspect and therefore deliver the best possible product in timely fashion.

Please see below links to examples of our work

Estate Agent Aerial Drone Photography

The majority of properties do not have aerial images and if they do then its most likely that they are out of date. Now that drones have advanced so much we can take a perfect super high res 4k image of a property. These images are very useful when it comes to planning permission and help to give you a better idea of your boundaries.

When trying to sell a property what better way to show it off to your potential buyers than with a beautiful 4K high res image. These images really grab buyers attention and do the property justice.

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Event Drone Security

Client - Forbidden Forest 

Brief - Survey perimeter fences, entrances, stages and car parks flying constant circuits from event opening to dusk. Report suspicious or anti social behaviour to the ground security team, give accurate directions and hover over the incident to ensure a rapid response and solution. Supply documented video content per each day in 4K / 60fps Via Micro SD Card immediately or USB stick.


Based in Leicestershire, UK Drone Store provides a comprehensive range of services from festival drone security, aerial surveys and inspections, aerial photography for estate agents. All our pilots are CAA approved with outstanding customer service.

CAA Authorised

UK Drone Store Ltd is FULLY authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out commercial drone operations.

We have public liability insurance of £10,000,000

Remember, when hiring a drone operator “be SAFE, be INSURED” 

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We invest in up to date drone technology & computers to provide you with superb end results all in 4k Ultra HD.

DJI Inspire 2 with X5s Zemuse Camera


DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian - 4K 60fps, 20MP Stills

UK Drone Store can provide high-resolution aerial images for commercial or domestic customers. All drone photography taken in ultra high resolution using the latest drone technology.

    • High Definition Imagery

    • Thermal Imagery

    • 3D Mapping

    • Environmental Imagery

    • Domestic Property Aerial Photography

    • Commercial and Agricultural Aerial Photography

    • Large Format and Canvas Prints available

Learn To Fly Photography Drones - £120.00 Per Hour

We offer private professional flight instruction, aimed at all levels at our indoor facility in Loughborough or outside. Whether this is your first drone and you are unsure where to start or you wish to improve your flying skills please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drone training is offered at all skill levels and covers the fundamentals of flying, safety manoeuvres, flying techniques and skills of airmanship.


  • Our training services include:

    • Drone set up and first flight

    • Basic flight training

    • Advanced flight training

    • Hour building

    • Multi crew training

    • FPV Training (First Person View)

    • Maintenance and inspections

    • Roof Inspections

    • Aerial Inspections

    • Aerial Survey

    • Aerial Videography

    • Aerial Photography

    • Simulator training

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Or email: sales@ukdronestore.com